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Pilatus PC12 Shared Ownership

Swiss engineering, German design, and still the best value in business aviation.


Designed to compete with KingAirs, it ended up revolutionizing business turboprops and challenging jets.

With a larger and quieter interior than its closest competitor, the KingAir B250, the Pilatus PC12 achieves 90% of the cruise performance on just 66% of the fuel. A remarkable product of engineering grounded in reality, the PC12 embraces a utilitarian image that takes it from the ramp at LAX to a back-country grass airstrip with ease, while providing the comfort of a light jet.



Class: Medium Turboprop
Seating: 1 + 6 (4-Club +2)
Max Speed: 280 kts
Max Range: 1,582 nm
Max Payload: 2,257 lbs
Pass. Cabin: 16'11"L 5'W 4'10"H
Cargo Door: 4'5"W 4'4"H
Int. Baggage 40 cu.ft. + Cabin Area






The ideal convergence of quality, capability and matchless efficiency.

Descriptions of the Pilatus PC12 are often packed with superlatives invoking the similarly iconic products inscribed: "Swiss Made."  While generally entertaining, it is not without reason: The PC12 truly embodies the design, engineering and quality ethos which make such products masterpieces.
Pilatus PC12 Robust Engineering Unmatched Capacity Modern Design Class-Leading Comfort Refined Capability


Walk up to a PC12, and it becomes immediately apparent that robustness is a priority. Something like a Range RoverTM, evidence of raw capability lies beneath a highly-refined surface. Immense wings reinforced by a milled aluminum spar support a large main cabin - a full 6 inches wider than any KingAir. Beneath these wings lie stout trailing-link landing gear, the largest of any similar-sized aircraft, allowing soft landings on any runway - including  gravel, grass or dirt. Up front, the long nose holds the key to the PC12s efficiency: a 1200 horsepower turbine powerplant powering a 9-foot diameter propeller providing twin-engine like power on a fraction of the fuel.


After loading nearly any size, shape and weight cargo through the nearly 4'6" square cargo door, you and your passengers enter through forward airstairs and into a spacious, comfortable interior with plenty of carry-on, beverage and snack storage, in addition to a completely private lavatory. With an available BMW-designed interior, the PC12 competes with light-jets for trip comfort, while folding tables, AC power outlets and satellite communications aid productivity. All you care about, however, is the flight deck. Up here, a single pilot has access to state-of-the-art avionics and systems that make the PC12 among the most simple and intuitive turbines to fly. With a singe engine, no propeller control, and high-lift aerodynamics that allow take-offs and landings at Cirrus-like speeds, you'll quickly come to understand why the Pilatus garners owner-pilot admiration that borders on the fanatical.

The Pilatus PC12 takes the "Swiss Made" moniker to new levels with its all-weather, all-runway, all-cargo capability, comfortable interior and remarkable build quality. Renowned for these rarely achieved virtues, it is well established as a 'best value' among those requiring superior versatility with operational ease.





High performance doesn't require two engines, just an incredible one.

You're likely well aware of the power within the PC12 . Equipped with the Iconic Pratt&Whitney PT-6 turboprop, the Pilatus joins 65 other aircraft types as they cruise past 300 million operating hours over four decades of use, with impeccable reliability.

Paired with this unyielding performer, the Pilatus launches from large or small airports with ease and up to 30,000 feet in under 30 minutes to cruise at up to 322 miles per hour, quickly placing you above most turbulence and weather. It's an all-around performer delivering matchless capability, comfort, and efficiency.



Pilatus PC12 Performance
Max. Altitude: 30,000 ft
Max. Cruise: 280 kts
Std. Cruise:  304 mph
Avg. Trip Speed: 295 mph
Max. Range: 1,582 nm
6-Pass. Range: 1,402 nm
Max. Payload Range: 700 nm
Fuel Consumption: 36-72 gph
Specific Fuel Econ. .57 nm/lb
Max. Wt. Takeoff Dist: 2,650 ft
Time To Climb 30 min





It's simple...the numbers speak for themselves:

Ownership of an example 2007 Pilatus PC12 with FLTSHARES starts around $196,000 for 1/16th share providing 25 annual flight hours.

Unique to FLTSHARES is our commitment to finding the right share size for your needs, not the other way around. Various levels are available up to whole ownership, with most owners falling somewhere between 1/8th and 1/2 ownership, providing 75 to 300 annual flight hours and limiting the number of total owners to between three and six per aircraft. To further enhance availability, we limit the number of sole 1/16th and 1/12th shares per aircraft.


pilatus-pc12-turboprop-shared-ownership-by-fltsharesThe financial case for shared ownership is an easy one to make.

Besides a dramatically lower acquisition cost, shared ownership utilizes the available 300 to 400 hours left unused by a typical whole owner each year, dispersing operating costs. Compare a whole owner's use to its FLTshares equivalent and the numbers, well, speak for themselves!

At 150 hrs Per Year (All-In)

Acquisition Cost Savings $2,338,000
Operating Cost Savings /Yr $226,000


These example FLTshare costs are all-inclusive best-estimates, considering average market rates for a 2007 model aircraft and its associated operating costs at 600 hours per year, including average regional fuel prices as of 1/15/10 ($4.81/gal). It's clear that even at whole-ownership use levels, FLTshares ownership significantly reduces your costs while eliminating the hassles of aircraft ownership.

Call us today to discuss options in this best-value aircraft.




Check back soon for our video review of the Pilatus PC12. Until then, please call us to discuss how it may fit your needs, and to schedule a tour of the aircraft.

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